Nicole Rae

The kitchen has always been a place of comfort and home for me. I can remember being in the kitchen with my mom and grandma; watching them, learning, and trying to “help” as they prepared meals. I think that’s where I got my basic love for cooking and of food. Years later, as an adult, during my time living in Morocco and traveling throughout Europe, I experienced, even more dramatically, how food brings people together. The simple act of enjoying a meal together breaks down barriers (even across cultures) like nothing else can. When I began my photography career in 2007, I had no idea that I would end up being able to merge my lifelong passion of cooking and food, with my new obsession with photography. Simmer & Shoot started out over a year ago as little more than bits of conversations. But, when I started to get frustrated with my fine art photography, an eBook about ice cream changed my trajectory. Something just clicked (no pun intended) when we began production on chill. Coming up with recipes and actually making the flavors, then trying to work out how to bring the techniques and aesthetics of fine art to food felt like a perfect fit. It is because of this passion for food that I have combined my love for fine art nature photography with food photography and share the results with you here. 


Nicole Rae – December, 2012